Local trips or hikes


By staying at Skahjem Gard, it is a short way to most of what Aurland has to offer in terms of great experiences. And we have many good trips right next to us that suit all types of challenges.


3 km up the valley you reach Vassbygdi lake. There you walk on asphalt all the way up along the Aurlandselva.


1km down towards the fjord you will find Turlifossen, a strikingly beautiful waterfall that you can get very close to if you want. There is also a hiking trail up the waterfall. We can also come up with good tips for other trips that are right in our backyard if you wish


Start your trip from Skahjem Gard

You can walk along the road or on trials in the area around you

Rent a bike to get a bit further and enjoy your self



Aurland valley is one of the most beautiful hikes to do in Norway, and something we strongly recommend to set aside an day for. By staying here with us, you get the opportunity to make a good packed lunch for the trip and it is a short drive up to the parking lot in Vassbygdi, where you hop on the bus. From Østerbø you go down the valley, until you come back to Vassbygdi. Then it is a short way to the apartment and a good shower.

Read more about Aurlandsdalen and the trip from Østerbø her.


Take the bus from Skahjem Gard to Østerbø and go down the valley before you take the bus back to Skahjem Gard

Maybe take the car to Vassbygdi and bus up, and the car is waiting for you when you get back down

Remember enough energy, often one thinks the last 5-6 km are easy, but there it is important with refills

From spring to autumn it is always a magical experience to go this hike!



At Aurlandsvangen there are many good offers to take advantage of and you get close to the fjord. You can eat the lunch you bought at Mariannes Bakery & Cafe down on the pier and enjoy the view. Or buy new shoes or a bag at Aurlandsskoen, buy nice glasmodels and decorations at Merete Rein.

Here you can also dine at a resturant or a gastro pub.

The most famous vantage point over the Aurlandsfjord is from Stegastein. The ultra-popular place offers a spectacular view of the fjord and perfect for good photos!

If you want to be active, there are opportunities for many trips, especially Dagsturhytta and Prest are popular.



Ride a bike down to Aurlandsvangen and enjoy your day

Drive up to Stegeasteing and see the evening sun and the sunset. Magical!

Walking up to Prest gives a huge view over the fjord and further out over the mountains around us. Steep but great!

Flåm and the fjord


Flåm is a tourist attraction in itself. With all the bustling life in an otherwise small village. Here you will find Zipline, Rallarvegen, Ægir brewery, Fjord Safari, Fjord Cruise on the electric Future of the Fjords and not to mention the fabolus Flåm railway.

A new offer is also Fjord Sauna, where you can enjoy fantastic views of the fjord while sitting in a floating sauna. As a partner, you can order this here with us.

A short drive or busride gets you to Flåm. You can also cycle if you wish, but its on the "highway" to Flåm from Aurland.


By staying at Skahjem Gard, you get a little distance when the day is coming to an end and you feel like you want to relax after a hectic day.


11 km to Flåm and everything you can experience. You can cycle, but it is along the main road with a lot of cars.

We recommend combining Flåm railway, Zipline and bicycle rental down Flåm valley. A unique experience for everyone.

Speed and excitement on the fjord you get with a fjord safari! You get a more pleasant experience with Fjord Cruise.

Enjoy delicious food and drink at one of the many restaurants in Flåm!